Chiltern Referral Services

Chiltern Referral Services


At Chiltern Referral Services we diagnose and manage skin conditions in dogs, cats and horses. Most commonly seen cases include:

Itchiness: One of the most common reasons for owners’ to seek veterinary advice is when their pet suffers from itchy skin. Itchy pets commonly suffer from allergic skin disease, flea allergies, food allergies, environmental allergies, atopic dermatitis, skin infections or ectoparasitic infestations.

Ear Disease Chronic ear infections can be very painful for the affected patients and frustrating for the owners. Merely treating the symptoms is often not enough, as they tend to reoccur. It is important to investigate the underlying cause of the infection, most commonly allergies and systemic disease.

Fungal skin Infections: Fungal infections are commonly found either as a secondary cause in allergic patients or due to dermatophytes (fungal infections).

Claw diseases: Brittle claws can be a sign of a type of skin disease, rather than just trauma.

Alopecia: Many conditions can cause pets to lose their hair, from itchy conditions causing self-trauma, to hormonal problems or inflammatory/non-inflammatory hair loss due to follicular diseases.

Auto-Immune Diseases: Some patients suffer from diseases, which cause the bodies’ own immune cells to attack certain cells in the skin.

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